High Speed

True high speed Internet. Want to backup your entire computer to the cloud? Start a real-time video blog? Go for it! Your download and upload speeds are the same.

Low Latency

Kiss satellite Internet goodbye! Our network is designed for absolute raw performance. You will be able to game, work remotely, and video chat with no lag.


There are no frills with our service. Our desire is to provide you with the best Internet experience possible. Cut the cord and save by streaming TV and movies. Leave the heavy lifting to us!

The next generation of wireless Internet service is coming to Vinton, IA and surrounding communities, stay tuned!

We are locally owned, believe in an open Internet, and most importantly: listen to our customers! You can expect unlimited usage, dependable service, and uncomplicated billing.

Let us serve as the primary or secondary Internet provider for your home or business.

We design every part of our network for reliability, performance, and speed. Ask us how we can check the right box for your needs.

  • Unlimited usage
  • No data caps or throttling
  • Symmetric access
  • Public IP addresses
  • Managed WiFi solutions
  • Network neutral
  • Dedicated Internet Access
  • IP interconnectivity

Residential Internet Service Plans

If you're interested, please reach out to us so we can expedite the deployment of our network. We will provide service around the Vinton, IA area.
The plans below are what we intend to offer to our residential customers. All pricing is subject to change.


  • 25 Mbps
$50 / mo Sign Up


  • 100 Mbps
$100 / mo Sign Up


  • 200 Mbps
$150 / mo Sign Up

*Installation, modem, and router fees apply.

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