Terms of Service

April 17, 2018


This Agreement with you (the "Customer"), consists of this document, and the Service order (collectively, the "Agreement").

You acknowledge receipt of these documents, which describe our wireless Internet services to you at the address or location specified in the Service order, the terms and conditions of the service (the "Service") and the wireless access device(s) and any other Equipment that we may provide to you, including any licensed software loaded on the Equipment (collectively, the "Equipment"). The Agreement defines our obligations to you, and your obligations in using the Service and the Equipment. This Agreement governs the entire relationship between Cedar WiFi, LLC. ("Cedar WiFi") and the Customer, both of whom agree as follows:

1. Acceptance

Customer has accepted and shall be bound by all of the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

  1. Provides Cedar WiFi with a written or electronic signature on a service order.
  2. Verbally orders service and accepts this Agreement if ordering from Cedar WiFi by phone
  3. Activates and or uses Internet service through the Equipment
  4. Pays a Cedar WiFi invoice
  5. Utilizes the web portal for one time or recurring credit card payment.

2. Fees

Checks returned for any reason will be subject to a returned check fee of $15 charged to your account. In the event of collection activities for non-payment Customer may be liable for a 20% collection fee in addition to the original amount owed.

Past-due invoices may be charged a late fee after the due date.

In the event Cedar WiFi has to use legal means for collection of past due amounts from the Customer, the Customer will be liable for all legal and filing fees charged to Cedar WiFi when any award is in favor of Cedar WiFi.

In the event of a disputed credit card charge (chargeback) the Customer will be responsible to pay the chargeback fee if the chargeback is granted in favor of Cedar WiFi. In the event any loss of service is found to be the fault of the Customer or Customer owned Equipment, including but not limited to wireless router, computer, or other Equipment attached to the Cedar WiFi network, an hourly troubleshooting fee may be charged. The troubleshooting fee may be charged without any obligation of Cedar WiFi to repair, replace or otherwise alter Customer owned Equipment.

3. Term

The term of this Agreement is set forth on the service order and will be month to month unless otherwise indicated. The term begins with the date of the service order or the date upon which service activation occurs, whichever is later.

This Agreement shall automatically renew on a month to month basis until terminated by either Cedar WiFi or Customer upon thirty (30) days prior, written notice.

4. Installation

Customer warrants that they are at least 18 years of age and either own the premises at the location given in the service order or have received written permission from the owner to make any changes to the premises needed to install and power the Equipment and receive the service.

In the case of an apartment or condominium, Customer warrants that they have confirmed that placement of an access device including antenna, if needed, in a common area is not in violation of building owners or other restrictions.

Customer hereby authorizes Cedar WiFi or its contractor to install the Equipment necessary to receive the service and agrees to allow Cedar WiFi or its contractor access to the premises to install, maintain, or repair the Equipment.

Customer agrees that any custom installation requested, including but not limited to placing cable inside interior walls, moldings, or cabinets or under carpets, may result in additional charges.

The Equipment supplied by Cedar WiFi under this Agreement is and shall remain the exclusive property of Cedar WiFi and must be returned to Cedar WiFi in good and working condition upon the termination, expiration, or disconnection of your Cedar WiFi service.

Customer must use reasonable care to avoid damage to the Equipment, and agree not to alter, modify, sell, license, assign, encumber, relocate, move or tamper with the Equipment.

Any Equipment that is not returned to Cedar WiFi in good and working condition within 15 days after termination, expiration, or disconnection of service associated with this Agreement then Cedar WiFi shall have the right to charge you up to $500 for the Equipment and Customer agrees to pay such charge and Customer hereby authorizes Cedar WiFi to charge such amount to your credit card or checking account. In the event Cedar WiFi does not have the Customer credit card or checking account information on file the Customer agrees to immediately pay Cedar WiFi for the Equipment upon presentation of an invoice.

5. Uninstallation

In the event of cancellation, the Customer may opt to have a Cedar WiFi contractor or technician remove the Cedar WiFi owned Equipment. This service is provided for an hourly fee due and will be payable prior to cancellation of service. The Customer, may at their option, remove and return the Cedar WiFi owned Equipment, in proper working condition. The Equipment must be returned to the current billing address found on the most recent Customer invoice. In the event the Equipment is not returned within 15 days following service cancellation Cedar WiFi may at its sole discretion, remove and repossess the Equipment or charge the Customer for the replacement value of the Equipment as agreed to in the previous paragraph. Cedar WiFi may at any time repossess its Equipment from Customer premises and Customer hereby consents to Cedar WiFi's entry upon Customer's premises for such purposes.

6. Jurisdiction

This entire Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Iowa and the venue for any dispute shall be in a District Court for the County of Benton, Iowa.

7. Payment

Upon activation of Service, Customer agrees to pay Cedar WiFi in full for all installation and activation fees, if applicable and any Equipment purchase fees by pre-authorized charge to a valid credit card, debit card, check, cash or money order or upon presentation of an invoice.

Customer agree to pay for Service at the rate indicated in the service order on a monthly basis, in advance, by pre-authorized automatic charge to a valid credit or debit card, payment by check is available only in advance, or upon presentation of an invoice.

All invoices shall be due upon receipt. Customer shall promptly notify Cedar WiFi of any changes to the credit or debit card or bank account used for payment. In addition to Cedar WiFi's charges, the Customer also agrees to pay any federal, state, or local taxes, usage charges, or other fees imposed on Customer or Cedar WiFi and directly associated with Customer service or Equipment.

Cedar WiFi will resolve all disputed charges in its sole discretion. If Cedar WiFi determines that a billing error was made, it will credit Customer's account in the amount of the error.

If Customer fails to pay an amount when due, Cedar WiFi may charge Customer a late fee of 10% of the amount due, or such amount as is permitted by law. If Customer fails to pay by due date, then Cedar WiFi may suspend service without notice.

If service has been terminated or suspended for non-payment, restarting service will require payment of all amounts due, in addition to a re-activation fee.

If past due accounts are not resolved promptly, Cedar WiFi may at any time repossess its Equipment from Customer premises and Customer hereby consents to Cedar WiFi's entry upon Customer's premises for such purposes. In addition if Customer fails to pay any amounts when due under this Agreement, Cedar WiFi shall be entitled to exercise any remedies available to it under this Agreement or at law or in equity. Customer agrees to pay the costs of collection or repossession, including any reasonable attorney's fees.

8. Acceptable Use

You must use the service in accordance with all federal, state and local laws, ordinances, and regulations.

Cedar WiFi strongly recommends that Customers protect all computers or other devices connected to the Internet with firewalls and virus protection software that is kept up to date, so that your account does not become a source of spam or malicious software that would require us to suspend or terminate your service.

Cedar WiFi also strongly recommends that in-home or in-office wireless networks be installed and configured with maximum encryption, so that unauthorized persons do not gain access to your information or illegally gain access to our service, which could also result in suspension or termination of your account.

9. User Conduct, Prohibited or Unlawful Use, Excessive Use

In order to maintain our network to meet the needs of the users of the service, Customer may not use the service or the Equipment for any purpose that is unlawful or in any manner which could damage, disable, overburden or impair the operation of the Cedar WiFi network or the service or any other party's use or enjoyment of the service.

Specifically, you may not: Additionally, Customer may not, by use of the service or another service, upload, post or otherwise distribute or facilitate distribution of any content, including text, communications, software, images, sounds, data, or other information that, in Cedar WiFi's judgment:

10. Service Availability and Speed

Cedar WiFi's wireless network is highly reliable, continuously monitored, and not normally affected by weather. However, extreme events outside of Cedar WiFi's control, such as lightning strikes and severe weather can damage Equipment, and the quality and availability of Internet access.

The Customer Equipment can be affected by viruses or other problems in Customer owned Equipment or by conditions on the Internet itself.

Service may be temporarily unavailable during system repairs or modifications.

It is Cedar WiFi's intent to provide the access speeds indicated on the service order for a particular level of service at all times, however, Customer should expect that some variations in speed may occur from time to time due to network conditions or conditions on the Internet.

Cedar WiFi does not make any specific service level guarantees or provide remedies for disruption of service unless specified on a service order or expressly set forth in this Agreement, but may at its sole discretion, give credit for or refund payments for any periods when its service is unavailable to Customer through failure of Cedar WiFi's network.

11. Content

Customer acknowledges that Cedar WiFi offers no guarantee or assurance regarding, and has no responsibility for, the accuracy, completeness, appropriateness or utility of documents, graphics, photos, music, and other content or services (Content) provided by Cedar WiFi or third parties over Cedar WiFi's Service.

Customer also acknowledges that Cedar WiFi is not responsible for the actions of any third parties contacted by Customer over the service. Customer takes full responsibility for use of content in which others have proprietary or intellectual property rights, and agrees not to reproduce, broadcast, distribute, sell, publish, commercially exploit or otherwise disseminate any such content over the service without prior written consent from content owners or rights holders.

12. Privacy

Cedar WiFi will take reasonable efforts to safeguard any personal Customer information that it collects in the course of checking credit, planning installation, or providing service. Cedar WiFi does not sell Customer information or share it with third parties, except Cedar WiFi's contractors, when required for the performance of their services.

Cedar WiFi will only disclose Customer information to authorized officials or agencies as required by law.

Cedar WiFi may from time to time offer additional services to its Customers, but any Customer may contact Cedar WiFi to opt out of receiving such marketing offers.

13. Suspension or Termination of Service

Cedar WiFi may limit, suspend or terminate Customer's service or this Agreement at any time and without providing notice to Customer if the Customer fails to pay any charges when due under this Agreement, or Cedar WiFi has reason to believe that Customer's service is being used in a fraudulent manner or illegal purpose, or in any way that adversely affects Cedar WiFi's Customers or service, or if Customer's use of the service or Equipment exceeds limitations or violates any restrictions placed on Customer's account or otherwise breaches this Agreement.

Cedar WiFi may take any action that it deems necessary to protect its network, its rights, or the rights of its Customers, licensors, and other third parties or to improve its network, its services and Equipment. Customer acknowledges that such action may include the use of methods or technologies to filter or block messages sent through the service or to notify Cedar WiFi of attacks or the potential for attacks by viruses or sources of "spam" from within its network.

Cedar WiFi reserves the right to filter spam or prevent hacking, viruses or other potential harms without regard to any Customer preference.

Cedar WiFi may suspend or terminate service to any Customer, without prior notice, if in its sole discretion such action is required to protect its network.

Cedar WiFi shall not be liable to Customer for exercising or failing to exercise its rights under this section to limit, suspend, or terminate service.

14. Limitation of Liability and Indemnification

Cedar WiFi makes no representations or warranties, statutory, express or implied, as to the suitability of its service for any particular purpose or as to the Equipment.

Customer assumes all responsibility for use of the service and acknowledges that interruptions of service may occur.

Cedar WiFi shall not be liable for any deficiency in the service, including but not limited to interruptions, Equipment failures, delays or defects, network problems, inability to access the service, or problems of unauthorized access, any suspension or termination of service by Cedar WiFi or any other action taken by Cedar WiFi to protect its network and the rights or property of Cedar WiFi, its Customers or licensors from potential harm, damage or personal injury allegedly caused by use of the Equipment or Service or any other damage due directly or indirectly from causes beyond Cedar WiFi's control including, but not limited to, any act or omission of any carrier or service provider other than Cedar WiFi, acts of God, acts of public enemies, acts of the government, acts or failure of action of Customer, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, hazardous environmental conditions, strikes, freight embargoes, inability to obtain materials or services, war, terrorism, unusually severe weather conditions or default of Cedar WiFi's subcontractors.

Cedar WiFi's sole liability for service disruption, regardless of cause, is limited to a credit proportional to the charges to Customer for the period of service disruption or other credit specified in a service order. Such compensation aside, and to the extent permitted by applicable law, Cedar WiFi shall not be liable for damages, or for consequential, incidental, special or other indirect damages, nor for economic loss, personal injury, or property damage sustained by Customer or any third parties.

This section shall survive termination of this Agreement. Cedar WiFi will not be liable for any damages, including property damages, resulting from installation or use of the Equipment by Customer or any third party, including Cedar WiFi's contractors.

If Equipment is lost or stolen, Customer agrees to promptly notify Cedar WiFi and to provide Cedar WiFi with any documentation or information that it requests and otherwise cooperate with Cedar WiFi in the investigation of such incident.

Customer shall be responsible for any loss or damage to any Equipment belonging to Cedar WiFi on Customer's premises. Customer shall indemnify, defend, and hold Cedar WiFi harmless from any violation by Customer of any applicable law or regulation.

Customer will further indemnify Cedar WiFi for any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of information or content that Customer submits, posts, transmits or makes available through the service or Customer's use of the service or Equipment, Customer's actual or alleged violation of this Agreement, or Customer's actual or alleged violation of any rights of a third party.

15. General

This Agreement and the documents to which it refers form the entire Agreement between Customer and Cedar WiFi. If Customer is a business or other organization, the Customer represents and warrants that the individual accepting this service Agreement on behalf of the Customer is authorized to do so.

This Agreement is not for the benefit of any third party. No failure or delay by Cedar WiFi in exercising any right or remedy shall operate as a waiver. Any waiver by Cedar WiFi of any provision in this Agreement must be in writing and shall apply only to the specific default identified in the waiver.

16. Severability

The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Agreement shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of this Agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect.